主要从事环境水体中有机污染物的检测及催化降解研究。Applied catalysis B: Environmental (SCI 一区 Top, IF = 14.229)Small (SCI 一区 Top, IF = 10.856), Chemical Engineering Journal (SCI 一区TopIF = 8.355)ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering (SCI 二区 Top期刊, IF = 6.970)Food chemistry (SCI 二区Top期刊, IF = 5.399)Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (SCI 二区, IF = 6.361)SCI期刊上发表学术论文近20; 主持国家自然科学基金 1 项,中华环保基金会“123”项目2项;省级项目1项目;申请发明专利2项;获得辽宁省自然科学学术成果奖2项,沈阳市自然学学术成果奖3项。



2002/09 — 2006/07 辽宁大学,化学系,学士。 

2006/09 — 2009/07 辽宁大学,5357cc拉斯维加斯,硕士。 

2012/09 — 2016/06 辽宁大学,5357cc拉斯维加斯,博士。 



2009/09 — 2017/12,5357cc拉斯维加斯,实验师。 

2017/12 —至今,5357cc拉斯维加斯,讲师。 

2018/10 —至今,5357cc拉斯维加斯,硕士生导师。 



1. 3D多孔碳笼封装过渡金属(M@GCCs)催化材料的可控构筑及其催化降解有机污染物机理研究;国家自然科学基金委员会;青年项目;25万元;2018/01—2022/12主持。 

2. 磁性3D钴基双金属氧化物处理废水中有机污染物的应用研究; 中华环保基金“123”工程项目; 3万元;2015/12-2017/02;主持。

3. 磁性铁氧体材料的制备及在染料废水处理中的应用中华环保基金“123”工程项目; 3万元;2014/12-2016/02;主持。

4. 多孔石墨化碳/过渡金属磁性复合材料的构建及其在环境有机污染物检测/降解中的应用辽宁省科技厅3万元;2018/09-2020/09;主持。



(1) Liu Xueyan, Xu Dan, Zhang Danfeng, et al., Superior performance of 3 D Co-Ni bimetallic oxides for catalytic degradation of organic dye: Investigation on the effect of catalyst morphology and catalytic mechanism, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2016, 186:193~203.

(2) Liu Xueyan, Xu Dan, Wang Qiong, et al., Fabrication of 3D hierarchical byttneria aspera-like Ni@graphitic carbon yolk–shell microspheres as bifunctional catalysts for ultraefficient oxidation/reduction of organic contaminants, Small, 2018, 14: 1803188.

(3) Liu Xueyan, An Shuai, Wang Yuejiao, et al., Rapid selective separation and recovery of a specific target dye from mixture consisted of different dyes by magnetic Ca-ferrites nanoparticles, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2015, 262: 517~526.

(4) Liu Xueyan, Xu Dan, Zhang Lei*, Fabrication of octahedral Cu@graphitic carbon cage complex porous structures and their microwave-driven catalytic activity, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2017, 5: 7800–7811. 

(5) Liu Xueyan, Qi Xinyu, Zhang Lei*, 3D hierarchical magnetic hollow sphere-like CuFe2O4 combined with HPLC for the simultaneous determination of Sudan IIV dyes in preserved bean curd, Food Chemistry, 2018, 241:268–274. 

(6) Liu Xueyan, Liu Mingyang, Zhang Lei*, Co-adsorption and sequential adsorption of the co-existence four heavy metal ions and three fluoroquinolones on the functionalized ferromagnetic 3D NiFe2O4 porous hollow microsphere, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2018, 511: 135–144.

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